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Ladder Add Ons

Our ladder add ons range from Ladder Stoppers to the Ladder Stand Off and Ladder Roof Hooks. The range of ladder stoppers, anti-slip devices to prevent a ladder from slipping, are designed and manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the market and you will be be able to find one suitable for any type of ground condition likely to be encountered. Our Ladder Standoff instantly attaches to nearly any type of ladder to help clear the ladder past gutters and position on corners of buildings safely. Its welded aluminium tray also gives a handy place to put all of your work materials and tools without having to go up and down the ladder multiple times. Our Ladder Roof Hooks are purposed designed to quickly convert your current ladder into a roof ladder in seconds with no tools required for fitting.

The following add ons are for ladders.

Loyal Stand Off for Ladders

EXCL. VAT: £53.32

INCL. VAT: £63.98

Loyal Universal Roof Hooks for Ladders

EXCL. VAT: £36.66

INCL. VAT: £43.99


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Video presentations

Loyal Ladder Stand Off Demonstration

Loyal Universal Roof Hooks Demonstration

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