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DIY Tower Offset Kits

Our DIY Tower Offset Kits allow the base of the tower to be right up against the building so that the platform is as close as possible to the area you are working on. Unlike standard DIY towers with base bars where the platform is at least 30cm (1’) away.

No longer constricted by the length of the base bar, allows you to safely set the tower up right next to the work area and avoid overreaching.

One of a kind, these are the only spacers in the market for DIY scaffold towers. They will work with any DIY tower with 40mm diameter round frame uprights measuring 600mm wide centre to centre, modification of the base bars will be required to offset them.

The spacers attach in seconds with no tools required for fitting.

MDIY and SUPER DIY Tower Offset Kit

EXCL. VAT: £91.49

INCL. VAT: £109.79

eDIY Tower Offset Kit

DIY Tower Offset Kits

eDIY Tower Offset Kit

EXCL. VAT: £147.29

INCL. VAT: £176.75


  • 2 spacers included with each kit for maximum stability.
  • eDIY Tower Kit includes 2 x Stiffener Bars also for ultimate rigidity and peace of mind.
  • Rubber pad on the spacers to protect your building.
  • Versatile with 5 spacer positions, 38cm, 33cm, 28cm, 23cm and 18cm gap to the frame.
  • FREE next day delivery* and no quibble, 5 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Designed and manufactured by a fully accredited ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer, the same as our Certified Trade and Industrial Towers.
  • Strong, Aluminium construction, light weight and rust-free.
  • Welded tubes with a ribbed, easy grip profile giving Ultimate strength and Safety.
  • Lightweight aluminium allows easy construction, dismantling and transport.
  • It also provides safety and stability for added reassurance.
  • No tools required.

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Offset Base Bar and Spacer Installation

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