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Trade King Stair Access Towers

Our Trade King Stair Scaffold Towers conform to BS1139-6 Standard. They are purpose designed for quick and easy access on stairwells with their compact dimensions, 730m wide by 1550mm long, Walkthrough Frames, Quick Locking Braces and Height Adjustable Base Plates.

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Our Trade King Stairwell Access Towers have powerful and strong 51mm diameter vertical and 40mm diameter horizontal welded frames with an easy grip and safe “ribbed” profile. They are fully in compliance with the 3T (Through The Trapdoor) method. No tools are needed for assembly or dismantling.

And with no restriction on the lower diagonal brace position, enabling set up on most pitches of stairs, and platform height at the upper end and platform height adjustment of every 250mm (10”) makes the Trade King Stair Tower more versatile than any other stair scaffold in the market. More horizontal and diagonal braces are supplied also due to the innovatively designed walkthrough ladder frames for ultimate stability and user confidence.

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Trade King 730 Stair Tower - 4.1m

Trade King Stair Access Towers

Trade King 730 Stair Tower – 4.1m

EXCL. VAT: £1042.87

INCL. VAT: £1,251.44

Trade King 730 Stair Tower - 6.1m

Trade King Stair Access Towers

Trade King 730 Stair Tower – 6.1m

EXCL. VAT: £1498.86

INCL. VAT: £1,798.63

Trade King 730 Stair Tower - 8.1m

Trade King Stair Access Towers

Trade King 730 Stair Tower – 8.1m

EXCL. VAT: £1882.74

INCL. VAT: £2,259.29


  • A Safe and Strong tower that is easy to assemble and dismantle without tools.
  • FREE next day delivery* and no quibble, 5 year manufacturers guarantee on all our towers.
  • Designed and manufactured by a fully accredited ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer in conformity with BS1139-6 Standard.
  • Walkthrough ladders frames provide easy access to the platform and maintain clear stairway access.
  • Constructed from Aluminium which is lightweight, firm and yet strong,and rust-free
  • Threaded screw height adjustment base plates for fine levelling.
  • Strong 5.1cm/4cm diameter vertical/horizontal welded frames, with thickness 1.9mm, for greater strength. Ribbed non slip profile used on all framework and braces for extra safety and strength as well as easy and superior grip. Note: Extruded components are used, unlike weaker cast components.
  • Platform can be set at increments of 0.25m giving comfortable working over a variety of heights.
  • Colour coded brace hooks for ease of assembly.
  • Available in various sizes, up to 9.1m working height.
  • Fully upgradeable with an easy-to-use pack system.
  • Safe working load per tower 860kg.
  • Platforms have a non slip surface for additional safety, with damage resistant claws and an automatic, self closing trapdoor with a cast industrial lock for maximum safety and reassurance whilst on the tower.
  • More horizontal and diagonal braces (compared with some others on the market) as standard for ease of assembly and extra stability.
  • The Tower is always climbed internally – Through The Trapdoor (3T Compliant) which is then lowered and becomes part of the platform.
  • Lightweight and individually shrink-packed for ease of transport and storage, yet safe and stable for your reassurance.
  • Outriggers / stabilisers are included in the taller towers for extra stability.
  • Clearly written, illustrated instructions for assembly and dismantling can be freely downloaded from our website.


Product NameTrade King Stair Access Towers
Width0.73m (2’5″)
Length1.55m (5’1″)
Max working height9.0m (29’6″)
Max platform height7.0m (23′)
Platform Height Adjustment0.25m (10″)
SWL per Platform230kg (36.2 stone)
SWL per Tower860kg (135.4 stone)