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SUPER DIY Linked Towers

Our End-Linked SUPER DIY Tower systems provide a continuous large working area by linking two standard towers with a fixed bridging unit and utilising walkthrough frames. Ideal for working across large buildings and structures as well as spanning obstacles such as porches and hedges.

The tower units are 600mm wide with a 1.55m platform length and a 1.55m long fixed bridging deck. Available in 4 different working heights ranging from 4m to 7m, with platform height adjustment of every 250mm.

These bridging systems are designed with safety and durability in mind using proven components found in our Trade and Industrial Towers. The platforms and braces are tested by TUV and comply with EN1004 Standard. They are fully in compliance with the 3T (Through The Trapdoor) method. No tools are needed for assembly or dismantling.

SDIY 4S Linked Tower

SUPER DIY Linked Towers

SDIY 4S Linked Tower

EXCL. VAT: £992.7

INCL. VAT: £1,191.24

SDIY 5S Linked Tower

SUPER DIY Linked Towers

SDIY 5S Linked Tower

EXCL. VAT: £1107.65

INCL. VAT: £1,329.18

SDIY 5S Linked Tower (4 x Tel Outriggers)

EXCL. VAT: £1324.22

INCL. VAT: £1,589.06

SDIY 6S Linked Tower (8 x Tel Outriggers)

EXCL. VAT: £1679.72

INCL. VAT: £2,015.66

SDIY 7S Linked Tower (8 x Tel Outriggers)

EXCL. VAT: £1797.03

INCL. VAT: £2,156.44


  • All 1 metre frames from top to bottom making these towers extremely easy to erect and dismantle by one person, transport and store.
  • A quick and easy assembly and dismantling system. No tools required.
  • Indoor and Outdoor use, very popular outside the house to paint and render the walls. Save money on hiring scaffolding and complete the job at your own pace!
  • Advanced Guard Railing for extra safety, adding to the speed of installation and dismantling at working platform level. All this included FREE!
  • Walkthrough frames provide easy access across the entire top platform level.
  • Available with toeboard and additional guard rails at intermediate platform levels for extra safety.
  • Designed and manufactured by a fully accredited ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, the same as our certified Trade and Industrial Towers.
  • Colour-coded Braces for easy recognition.
  • The standard Stiffener Bars are for added stability.
  • Strong, Aluminium construction, light weight and rust-free.
  • Welded frames with a ribbed, easy grip profile giving Ultimate strength and Safety.
  • Lightweight aluminium allows easy construction, dismantling and transport. It also provides safety and stability for added reassurance.
  • Available in 4 sizes with 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m TRUE working heights.
  • 250mm (10”) rung spacing giving comfortable climbing and more platform height variations.
  • Non-slip, 4cm diameter rungs are featured for your peace of mind when climbing inside the structure.
  • Marine grade plywood platforms employed, sealed and tested for up to 72 hours under boiling water. Non-slip surface for sure footing.
  • The tower is always climbed internally – ‘Through The Trapdoor’ (3T compliant) which is then lowered to form part of the platform.
  • Optional height adjustable baseplates and height adjustable locking wheels, both with screw threaded height adjustment.


Product NameSUPER DIY Linked Tower
Width0.6m (2′)
Length4.65m (15’3″)
Max working height7m (23′)
Max tower height6m (19’8″)
Max platform height5m (16’5″)
Platform Height Adjustment0.25m (10″)
Max Working Load150kg (23.6 stone)

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